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Music Lessons
Voice / Guitar / General Musicianship and Audition Readiness

"Music is what feelings sound like."     ~Anon.

Voice lessons 

Voice Lessons are studies of vocal technique through guided study in a private studio environment. Instruction is comprised of an individualized curriculum with a focus on posture, breath control, resonance, tone quality, diction, and phrasing, all resulting in more a more functionally efficient vocal technique through vocalise exercise and song study, including Classical, Jazz, Modern, and Musical Theater styles. 

An important note: Private vocal lessons are not available to lower elementary school students, however, private general musicianship classes (including a vocal/piano component) are available with parent participation. The focus is on musicality, performance, and musical literacy using a folk music approach. 

Guitar Lessons 

Guitar Lessons are studies of instrumental string technique, specifically for accompaniment of songs. Students learn to read music chord symbols and understand key functions and chordal progressions. These lessons are relaxed and fun! 

General Musicianship and Audition Readiness

General musicianship classes are offered to students of all ages and geared toward learning musical concepts and literacy through guided exercises using the voice, piano, guitar and classroom instruments. These lessons explore musical history, literature, culture and performance and are ideal for students and parents who choose to homeschool.

Lesson methodologies and activities  may include lecture-demonstration, discussion, audio-visual presentations, written critiques, self-assessment responses, and practice and performance activities. Students are expected to actively contribute to discussions in the voice studio. 

All lessons will conducted as one-on-one appointments and are scheduled at the mutual convinience of the instructor and student. Students may take a half-hour or hour, depending largely on their age and level of study. Pricing and availability is assessed on an individual basis to better suit your needs. Please call Matthew Latta (812) 236-0740 to obtain more information or to arrange a free studio consultation.  

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